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Clear Polycarbonate Sheet UV - Solid Polycarbonate Board

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CLEAR POLYCARBONATE SHEET BOARD Clear Polycarbonate Sheet / Solid Polycarbonate Board

This material is an excellent replacement for glass and acrylic sheet, with superior technical characteristics.

When you need something transparent but better than acrylic, solid polycarbonate boards are the virtually unbreakable solution. It has excellent transparency and will function for many years of use, being UV protected and resistant to action of sun rays and weather.

Our material is very resilient and tough, and might withstand being hit with a hammer while still having the same glass-like transparency. Our clear polycarbonate sheets are elastic, they do not crack and break, and can be machined easily.

Cold bending and hot bending are both possible for this product. Furthermore, clear polycarbonate sheets are manufactured in large sizes, able to satisfy any needs. They are easy to cut and install, and unlike acrylic they can be safely drilled with any common drill.
This material has solid thick structure (unlike multiwall type), with visual aspect fairly similar to acrylic or glass. It is the high-strength glass replacement solution. It can be used wherever a stronger type of "glass" is required, for example on industrial lines where it can be hit by moving parts. Other products like glass or acrylic would shatter on such impact.

It is also widely used in the sign industry, as it can be bent and thermal-shaped. But there are lots of other possible uses in all industries, construction, DIY or even general use. The sheets come with protective film on both sides, installed by manufacturer.

Good to know: Clear polycarbonate doesn't resist to bullet impact; such protection requires a highly specialized type of glass. But it is otherwise very resistant to impact with other objects.
Avantaje and Aplicatii
  • Top Quality Material
  • EU product
  • Great Glossy Finish
  • Excellent Glass-like Transparency
  • Tough
  • Unbreakable
  • UV-protected
  • Great pricing
  • Unbreakable windows
  • Flexible glass
  • Protective windows
  • Sign industry
  • Boat windows replacement
  • General glass replacement
  • ... many others
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