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Cotton-Phenolic Sheet Board - SRBF Sheet

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cotton phenolic srbf sheet Cotton-Phenolic Sheet Board - SRBF Sheet:

High quality EU products with excellent pricing and delivery from immediate UK stock. This composite material is manufactured using phenolic resin and a high-strength, multi-layer cotton insert.

SRBF boards (cotton-phenolic sheet type) are used primarily in all sorts of mechanical applications. They are extremely sturdy, resilient and machine-able, and therefore they can be used for fabrication of various parts with excellent mechanical properties, and at the same time having great electrical insulation properties. Please note that HGW2082 type is used for low voltage applications.

Cotton-phenolic boards can be used to create electrical insulation plates, electrical terminals, switching applications and more. Furthermore they are great for friction applications, for example industrial line guides, bearings, bushings, custom gears and more. Our products are highly resilient and reasonably priced.

The natural strength of phenolic sheets is multiplied by the cotton insert, a material with amazing properties when used as an insert in composite materials. Consequently, our SRBF / HGW2082 products have excellent properties and machinability.

Avantaje and Aplicatii
  • Amazing mechanical resilience
  • Large size boards available
  • Very high thickness range (1...100mm)
  • Great visual aspect, glossy finish
  • Excellent for fabrication
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistant to water
  • Resistant to oils
  • Top quality EU material
  • Great pricing
  • Table Worktops
  • Various mechanical applications
  • Friction and sliding applications
  • Creation of bushings, bearings, custom gears
  • Surface protection, truck floor protection
  • Electrical insulator
  • Electrical switch applications
  • Many others
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